About the Wall

The UMW Mediawall is a large scale, high definition video projection canvas situated at the center of the University of Mary Washington’s Hurley Convergence Center. This area receives regular traffic from students, staff, and visitors. As it is a public space, installments must be interpretable without audio and accommodating of photosensitive viewers.

The canvas itself is 10 feet wide and 16 feet tall, with a resolution of 1200×1920.

The UMW Mediawall periodically accepts submissions (videos and generative programs) for its rotating exhibits. Calls for submissions are posted on this website, on Instagram @umwmediawall, and on expcinema.org

Submission guidelines:
1. Videos should not have an audio track, or should be coherent without sound.
2. Videos must be formatted for a 1200×1920 vertical display.
3. Videos should not have letterboxing or any other sort of matte around the edges of the frame.
4. Videos with excessive flicker or flashing light or exceedingly mature themes will not be accepted.

Questions? Contact hccmediawall@mail.umw.edu