Christine Lucy Latimer

Fraction Refrain (for Loeser, Evans and Snow)

An auto-mechanized directive for mapping a microcosmic landscape.
Using cut-glass filters on a broken VHS camera, I traverse the terrain of a vintage pinball machine using mechanical movements reminiscent of Michael Snow’s La Region Centrale. (Dedicated to Mark Loeser, Justin Evans and Michael Snow).

A special commission for Graphical Recordings, with selected moving-image artists responding to POEM (1957) by Michael Snow (full text provided below)

POEM, 1957
It stayed
Where I saw it
Then it moved a fraction
To the left and then twice that
Distance again further and further

Then just faintly
A corner of it just a fraction
Was visible if you peered
Very very closely
And just as
it was

– Michael Snow

Still Feeling Blue About Colour Separation

This film rephotographs over 200 internet-sourced images of ‘Macbeth ColorChecker’ cards on to super-8mm cyanotype emulsion. Macbeth Cards (precision tools in colour film processing), were a popular accessory for small-gauge Kodachrome filmmakers in the 1970’s. They have since been re-adopted by contemporary digital photographers, who use them to compare lighting scenarios on internet blogs and forums.

Tracing the history of the colour calibration card through many lenses, I effectively remove all colours, save one.