February Artists (Karl Munstedt, S/N)

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Collision Course – Karl Munstedt

Collision Course is a series of real-time 3D virtual environments which speculate upon the automation bias that is likely to drive our car-enabling transportation policies in coming years.

I’m an artist and technologist living and working in Brooklyn NY. My work tends to employ technologies like gaming, augmented reality, and the web to explore future, destruction, and fantasy. I graduated with a BFA in digital art from Pratt in 2018.

Stacked Skylines & Church Street – S/N (Greensboro, NC, USA)

This location responsive series of work was created by artist group s/n while in residence at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation in 2019 in Charlotte, NC. Stacked Skyline is a playable collage featuring prominent buildings in the skyline. Church Street is a summer day dream meandering down Church St. The works exist also as color prints and 360° videos.

S/N is a multi-disciplinary art group, which works extensively with, but not limited to, video, sound, animation, photography, and mobile media. The exhibitions often include performative elements and mediated footage, pushing both experimental and conceptual ideas around media.

S/N members include Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts  who crossed paths in 2007 while attending graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. They have been creating collaborative work since 2008, which have been exhibited and screened world wide in various festivals, galleries and museums including Hong Kong Art Fair, Pekin Fine Arts, DAS Weekend, the Freies Museum in Berlin, and the Czong Institute for Conmporary Art in Gyeonggi-do, Korea.