March Artists (Darryl Rogers, Sean Capone, Shuvashis Das)


Takayna Hypostasis #2 –  Darryl Rogers (Tasmania, Australia)

Recorded in the depths of Tasmania’s Tarkine Rainforest (Takayna – indigenous name) this video work is an exploration of a deep sense of underlying oneness that is often felt when we encounter isolated places of natural sublime beauty. Neoplatonist’s argue that beneath the surface phenomena that present themselves to our senses are three higher spiritual principles or hypostases, each one more sublime than the preceding. Hypostasis therefore is the underlying state or underlying substance and is the fundamental reality that supports all else.

The  meta-personal experience of being in and at one with nature is said to conceptually provide a growing spiritual sensibility and existential meaningfulness. Darryl Rogers is a new media artist who works with video, installation, augmented reality and virtual imagery. Rogers endeavours to alter the constituent variables of space and time attempting to poke holes in the seemingly impervious materiality of the world around us. On encountering one of his time-based installations there is an immediate sense of disorientation, realizing that what is being observed seems to counter the familiar physics by which the world is known. It is this physical “non-reality” that Rogers explores conjuring characteristics of illusion, miracle, quantum mischief and the metaphysical.

Seeds – Shuvashis Das (College Station,Texas,USA)

Seeds is an audiovisual installation piece that replicates a growth system for ‘seed’ like creatures via interaction with the viewer. The interaction process alters the motion of the seeds and adds to their number until a threshold number is reached after which the number of seeds start to reduce. The idea with Seeds is to create a beautiful and visually attractive atmosphere where the viewer and the system are intertwined with each other by blending the notion of ‘to control’ and ‘to be controlled’.

Shuvashis Das is a multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in Bangladesh where art is a diverse tapestry of rich, colorful pieces that reflect the vibrant culture. At an early age, he had developed an attraction to technological advancement. After graduating from high school in Bangladesh, he came to the United States of America and was admitted to the prestigious Texas A&M University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2013, and began pursuing an MFA degree in the Department of Visualization. His artwork focuses on generative techniques, sound art and programming based physical installations.

Swell Patterns – Sean Capone (Baltimore, MD, USA)

For the digital animation Swell Patterns, the boundaries of this unique screen act as a container and generator for intersecting systems of algorithmic patterns. Rendered as an ever-evolving 3D contour map, the sculptural textures evoke shifting visual scales: the turbulent flow of tidal forces, cyclical landscape formations and erosions, and fibrous networks of bodily tissues and capillaries

Sean Capone is a visual artist working primarily in digital animation, projection installation, and media art. His interest in “the intersection of moving image and the built environment” has led him to develop a diverse body of work across multiple fields, including public art commissions, artist residencies,  gallery & museum exhibitions, film & video festivals, and event & stage scenography.Sean received his MFA in Time Arts/Art & Tech from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.