October Artists – Brooke White, Sarah Janssen, Enzo Cillo


Slices of Clarity- Brooke White (Oxford, MS)
“Slices of Clarity” investigates the ways that Alzheimer’s Disease alters one’s connection to memory and place. By using x-rays of skulls, combined with photographs and 8mm archival films from my personal history these images visually describe my personal interpretations of the disease. By creating confusing visual spaces coupled with holes of tangible ones, I aim to bring the viewer into an Alzheimer’s view of the world.

Brooke White is both a practicing artist and educator specializing in art photography and video art, with an M.F.A. from Cornell University and a B.F.A from Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics. White has exhibited her photographs and videos nationally and internationally including the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE, and was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in India. Much of her work, both photographic and video, is created while traveling in areas such as East Africa, South East Asia, South America and the deep southern United States.
White resides in Oxford, MS where she is Associate Professor of Art and Area Head of Imaging Arts in the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Mississippi.

Light Night- Enzo Cillo (Rome, Italy)
Light Night is a project that belongs to a series of works about the darkness. In previous work, the figure of the man was in mind, when making I discovered that the direct human presence had become less noticeable compared to the images that I was making. The body, continuing, in fact, has become something else. What is left in the photograph and the remains of the statues become mainly traces of that presence, shadows.

I searched through old photographs and I chose between these two images. The first is a piece of photosensitive paper without the image imprinted; it had to be, perhaps, a family photo. The second image is a picture of a group of people whom you can not see well the faces. As found documents, they are a snapshot in time, a test of existence, debris orbiting in space.
The work opens and closes in a forest. I think there is a very strong presence in this place and in the individual items. The branches and the stones are isolated fragments, icons in a dark space. In its initial phase the work investigated a place and familiar materials, advancing came to think of these elements in an increasingly internalizing.

Enzo Cillo attended the Arts high school in Benevento and continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he graduated in Visual Arts and specialized in Photography. He currently lives and works in both Naples and Rome.

luminous flux – Sarah Janssen (Groningen, Netherlands)

The video installation luminous flux consists of macro recordings of drops of a fluid running down a surface.  Due to reduced use of light, the visuals are very minimalistic.  Sometimes the drops, flowing in a natural movement down the screen, are only visible for a fraction of a second. Luminous flux is a study of our perception of forms and  the physicality of light and its behavior in space.

Multi-media artist Sarah Janssen was born in Nordhorn, Germany in 1986 and is now based in Groningen, the Netherlands. She received her MFA in Interactive Media and Environments at Frank Mohr International Masters in Groningen in 2011. In her work she uses photography, video, installation and new media to explore our visual perception. What is the essence of an image? How do we perceive objects, space and the world around us and what are the boundaries of perception? Based on these questions, she creates concentrated pieces of work which invite the viewer to see things in a different way.