April Artists (Tom Bridgman, Genna Duberstein, Scott Wiessinger )


Luminare – 2017 – Tom Bridgman, Genna Duberstein, Scott Wiessinger

The sun is not a static ball in space. It is constantly moving, and its behavior is relevant to both art and science. Every twelve seconds, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory images the sun in ten wavelengths of invisible ultraviolet light. Each wavelength is represented in a unique color and every frame is eight times the resolution of HD video.  After an event occurs on the sun, a team of media specialists works about ten hours to create one minute of footage.

Data visualizer Tom Bridgman and multimedia producers Genna Duberstein and Scott Wiessinger at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center are this team. They create media for the public about the sun and its influence on the solar system. Their content has been featured by every major news outlet, in print and online, and shown internationally. Solarium, the team’s first immersive video installation, has previously been exhibited at The American Museum of Natural History, The Center for Creative Photography, The Louisiana Museum of Art and Science, Baltimore’s Artscape, USD Filmatic Festival, and the GSU Window Project.