December Artists (Alejandro Parra, Sthef Folgar, Jessica Giacobbe, Anders S. Solberg)


At Odds- Alejandro Parra (Los Angeles, CA)
At Odds is an architectural scale video installation that runs continuously with no sound. The image is an aerial view of beach waves crashing–containing qualities of isolation as well as a relentless vitality. Seducing the viewer to transcend time and the reality of landscape, the work can be interpreted as an event that straddles a past world, our current shorelines, or perhaps a fading future terrain.

Alejandro Parra is a media artist from Los Angeles whose work contemplates ideas of time, landscape, and experience to meet at a point of art and philosophy. He holds a B.A. in Visual Arts Media from UC San Diego.

Natural Paradox – Sthef Folgar (Madrid, Spain)
Although the incessant lights are a constant reminder of the formidable presence of the city, the eerie nocturnal silence allows a brief insight into the uncanny and limitless dimension of nature. I attempt to enter into those feeling of vertigo that separates the unknown from the known, and explore this union between the domesticated and the wild where emerges a new territory that refers to, but is not.

Sthef Folgar is a Uruguayan photographer and filmmaker, currently based in Madrid, Spain. Master’s degree in Contemporary Photography from EFTI International School, and recently awarded with a grant to attend a Master of Arts. She has worked as freelance on different photography projects, developed personal experimental films and collaborate with different visual art installations. In March 2016 has co-founded otrocolectivo, an interdisciplinary art collective focused on the development of visual projects.

Catalysts and Aftershocks – Jessica Giacobbe (Brooklyn, NY)
When you’re young everything feels surreal, every place is exciting, and every place contains a story.  These seemingly unscripted moments of my life are the ones that have persistently made their way to the foggy tank I call my memory.  This short is a collection of memory induced explorations of places I once knew.  My interest was not just in the memories themselves but the spacesin which they were born. The approach in these exercises were completely instinctual, tactile, honest, and improvisational (a similar process in all my work).  Through using this unbiased approach, I realized these places were no longer weighted with nostalgia.  They had suddenly been reinvented to contain potential for new and catalytic discoveries.  Catalysts and Aftershocks depicts both a fictional and non fictional representation of my re-encounters with these childhood sanctuaries as an “adult.”

The place I call home has shaped me and continues to resonate with me in the present. Growing up on a dirt road, never wearing shoes in summer, spending time with horses, and knowing nature are aspects I aesthetically utilize.  The importance of tactile experiences is something I can never stray away from.

Leucosis- Anders S. Solberg (Trondheim / Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
Digital video work, abstract, immersive, can be viewed as fluid or liquid paintings experienced through time. Depicting the metaphorical transformation of silver into gold, enlightenment, the ascension from earthly, crude matter, into a higher, divine state.

Anders Solberg (b. 1984, Trondheim, Norway) is educated as a photographer at the Norwegian School of Photography and currently a student at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU.