January Artists (Matthew Keff, Devis Venturelli, Peter Christenson)


Dancing Columns- Devis Venturelli  (Milan, Italy)
Dancing Columns is a floating museum, a virtual hypercollection of vases from the digital archive of Italian Ceramic’s Museums, including: the Renaissance majolicas and the Italian Postwar design by Guido Andlovitz, Giò Ponti, Antonia Campi, Ettore Sottsass, Piero Fornasetti, the  pre-Columbian vases’ collection and the classical-archaeological ceramic; the regional-Italian handicraft and the European manufacture of porcelain; the Twentieth Century’s art ceramic and the contemporary sculpture-vases. The column as architectural element is an endless obsession.  A melting pot,  literally containing every age and every style, generates the hypnotic landscape of an unconscious dance.
Devis Venturelli is an architect and transdisciplinary artist based in Milan, Italy.

Idealized Circulation Cells- Peter Christenson  (Pullman, Washington)
A list of things I might think about while viewing the video Idealized Circulation Cells:

+ Does the universe always follow patterns? Woot woot algorithms?!
+ If clouds were giraffes, could we climb up their elongated necks into the troposphere?
+ Everything is data. Like, whoa.
+ Does ideal mean perfect?
+ Atmospheric circulation patterns, duh.
+ Why does Aristotle get credit as “founder” of everything?
+ Magnified aerosol particles are spherical.
+ Nephology—like coition with dead clouds?

Peter Christenson is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and educator originally from metro Detroit. He is co-founder of Left of Centre, a guerrilla-marketing firm and interventionist artist collective, and he has lectured, exhibited, and screened his work across the United States and internationally. He is an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University.

Pie in the Sky- Matthew Keff  (New York, New York)
Pie in the Sky is a software driven visual using video game mechanics to express thoughts on fantasy and feelings.  Created with the Unity3D game engine, simulated physics and effects are perpetual and never ending.  Various digital objects are placed into the scene at random and flung about in space.
Matthew Keff is a visual artist currently living and working in NYC.  He received a BFA at the School of Visual Arts with a focus on experimental cinema in 2007.  His recent work has been featured on RNE Radio 3 and Noisey MX and as part of gallery exhibitions at the CICA Museum KR, Matchbox Gallery Houston TX, Diorama Mexico City MX, Amos Eno Gallery, Elements Festival, Keroxen Festival, and The Hollows Art Space in Brooklyn.