Dust_atCam – Tina Willgren (Stockholm, Sweden)

Tina Willgren is a visual artist working primarily with video. She lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, where she received her MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in 2005. In her videos and installations, she explores the mind and body in relation to the contemporary world.

Recent exhibitions and festivals include “Jingled”, Art Center Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland (solo), “Blaue Stunde VII”, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, Germany and “Athens Digital Arts Festival”, Athens, Greece.

I based the video imagery of Dust_atCam on a library of visual effects, normally used for adding explosions, smoke, water splashes, dust and blood to action movies. I find it interesting that these special effects often contribute to mere superficial spectacles, but that they simultaneously represent some of the elementary forces of the evolution on the planet.. When working with the video I associated to a speeded up version of the history of the globe; to the big bang, earthquakes and wars, and explored how different speeds, movements and material qualities might affect the mind.

Pink and Blue Compositions – Simon Falk (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“Pink and Blue Compositions” is a reaction to the presence of social media networks; the desire to be stimulated, rapidly shrinking attention spans, infinite feeds of content and advertising. Computer-generated bubbles, floating iridescent cloth, spinning palm trees, pulsating blobs and other abstract forms are linked together by a pastel pink and blue palette.

Simon Falk is a Toronto based artist who uses both physical and digital media to examine niche visual cultures, digital dualism and abstraction. He holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University.

Healers – Selden Paterson (Chicago, IL)

Healers is a series of short videos created as a part of the larger project Integrative Ontological Practices by Beta Plus Sy stems (IOP B+) . IOP B+ is the leading self-help & healing system for modern cyborgs, using the principle of Tertiary Natural Consciousness to help humans achieve a wholer mind and self through healing audio-visual prescriptions. To learn more visit systems.betaplusinc.com.

Selden Paterson is a Chicago-based artist whose work addresses humans’ evolving relationship with technology and with our environments, created and otherwise. She is driven by curiosity about the way humans organize and experience ourselves in physical, digital, and in-between spaces. Ongoing endeavors include Beta Plus Inc., Selden’s lifestyle improvement products company; The City at Newcomb Crater, her all-amenities included colony on the moon; and IOPB+, her self-help & healing system for modern cyborgs.