SEPTEMBER ARTISTS (Ellen Mueller, Aurèle Ferrier, Dawn Nye and Katrazyna RANDALL)


Planning a Starter Castle – Ellen Mueller (Massachusetts, USA)
This animation is a part of a larger body of work examining McMansions, the large ostentatious modern houses that are cheaply built and are often considered lacking in architectural integrity. There are stereotypical markers of affluence that regularly appear in home decor magazines: house plants, novel fixtures, statuary symbols of wealth (pineapples, lions, gargoyles), the latest trending furniture, and so on. These animations, created with Processing, emphasize the repetition and sameness that occurs in much of this advertising material.

Ellen Mueller has exhibited nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist exploring issues related to the environment, hyperactive news media and corporate management systems. She creates experiences that engage with social and political issues through a variety of media.

Recent exhibitions include Americana at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis MN, Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe NM, and Direct Object/Direct Action at Threewalls, Chicago IL. Artist residencies include Ucross Foundation, Santa Fe Art InstituteNes Artist Residency in Iceland, Virginia Center for Creative Art where she was a Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Creative Fellow, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the ArtsOx-Bow, Coast TimeSignal CulturePlaya Fellowship Artist Residency, and Künstlerhaus Lukas (full scholarship, Germany, May 2017).

Transitions  –  Aurèle Ferrier (Zurich, Switzerland)
The work Transitions (2017) by Aurèle Ferrier examines the traces left by human civilisation -the conquest of the unwelcoming hostility of the desert ends in the surreal and hedonistic consumerism of Las Vegas. The camera leads us, with a menacing langour, through a backdrop of deserted city-outskirts. The buildings, cars and billboards speak of people’s dreams as they strive for a version happiness. The prevailingly eerie, apocalyptic mood draws you along on this filmic journey. These traces of humanity seem increasingly laughable and helpless, they vibrate with a peculiar melancholy. Where have the people disappeared to?

Aurèle Ferrier (*1975 in St.Gallen, CH) lives in Zurich. With his video and cinematic works, actions and interventions he explores the limits and connections between nature and civilization. „His video works display a calm contemplation and visual precision” (Alexandra Blättler, curator). He has exhibited on all the continents and won prizes, i.a. the Grand Jury Award for Experimental Short at the Slamdance Film Festival. He attained a BA in Theatre and an MA in Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts.

Maintenance – Katrazyna Randall and Dawn Nye  (Maine, USA)
This video is a loop designed for the Media Wall at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg VA. This piece shows a mysterious being maintaining a portal between two words. The piece moves slowly, and is meant to be noticed in snippets that form a whole, rather than watched from beginning to end.

Katrazyna Randall and Dawn Nye have been working collaboratively since 2001. They have screened their video and animation all over the United States as well as internationally. Ms. Randall is a combined media artist who uses traditional media as well as new media to explore subjects related to commodification and our relationship with nature. Ms. Nye has worked as a graphic designer, but has maintained a studio art practice for the last 20 years. In her work, she is most concerned with telling stories of conflicting human desires, best intentions, beauty and futility.