November Artists (Ezra Wube, Nancy Sepe)



Twilight Galaxies– Ezra Wube (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

This animation short was inspired by immigrant holiday ceremonies. For the background I painted images of real and imagined galaxies. In the foreground I animated common objects that are found from these gatherings. These objects echo the transitory state of these ceremonies, becoming the new icon that defy a specific cultural association. As banal as they appear or void of originality, these objects can be a transmitter for a possible utopia through interaction, exchange and unstill-ness.

As a person who moved between geographies (Ethiopia, U.S.A.) time and place are no longer singular for me. I am in a continuous dialogue negotiating  These fragmentations are reconciled through the story telling aspects of my work, as means to connects multiple realities. For me, an imaginative relationship is necessary to adapt to a new environment, to embrace the here and now, and to connect with the ephemeral in the everyday. While collaging my past with present experiences, I attempt to make a third entity that is in both the past and the present in which places and time are continuously shifting.

Oracle– Nancy Sepe (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Oracle features a unicycle performer who reveals multiple personas as she rides the tightrope.

Nancy Sepe is a multi media artist and educator living in New Hampshire. She works with found materials and time-based media, often incorporating the element of text into her work.