January/February Artists (Kostas Makrinos, Megan Dickie, Neil Ira Needleman)

Untitled Project2

Choose a Character – Megan Dickie (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
Choose a Character is one video from the project One Way or Another, which uses video games as a platform to explore our fascination with observing human struggle.  A trilogy of video animations pit a character against a series of impediments that she must overcome. Relentlessly, the character grapples with the obstacles but she persistently fails. Her struggle is a spiral of determination and amusement, hypnotizing us with the yearning to be recognized within the fickle world of competition.
Choose a Character  presents all of the characters from the video trilogy transitioning from one into another.
Megan Dickie’s practice uses extreme physicality, choreographed set-ups, and fantastic failures to poke at dominant systems. Recent solo exhibitions include L’OEil de Poisson (Québec City), Open Space (Victoria), Oxygen Art Centre (Nelson), Latitude 53 (Edmonton) and Stride (Calgary). She is also the recipient of projects grants from both the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council and the University of Victoria. She received her MFA from the University of Saskatchewan and a BFA from the University of Calgary. Her works are part of the collections of the University of Saskatchewan, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Nickel Arts Museum. Megan Dickie resides in Victoria, BC and is an Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria.

Kusama Infinity Loop – Neil Ira Needleman (Katonah, NY USA)
A colorful and lyrical homage to the remarkable, marvelous, wonderful artist Yayoi Kusama. What you see here is a 6-minute(ish) excerpt from a 17-minute(ish) strand of video that seamless loops with itself to form an infinite loop
I was born in Brooklyn, New York toward the middle of the last century. I’ve held a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. Over the decades, the cameras may have changed, but my passion for tinkering with moving images hasn’t. I LOVE it. And I intend to keep doing it. My videos are regularly screened in film festivals around the world. And, yes, I’ve won a few awards along the way. This both surprises and delights me.

A day in the bedroom of Laurie Evian – Kostas Makrinos (Chios, Greece)
An audiovisual experience that dilates time and explores the limits of our everyday microcosmos.
Born in 1983. Audiovisual and film studies. Experimental filmmaker and editor usually treating the subjects of time, form and non-linearity through abstract films.