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Spring 2024 Student Exhibition

Curated by Josiah Arnold

Independent Student Submissions

Pieces received from the spring 2024 call for student submissions.


Michael Murphy

Mackenzie Martin

Approaches to Video Art

Final projects from ARTS 454: Approaches to Video Art with Jason Robinson.


Noah Barrett
Nellie Bittenbender
Eniya Cropper
Cassidy Ervin
Malachi Geter
Hayden Griffith
Winston Heron
Anne Jackson
Alicia Johnson
Reese Kubricki
John Mabry
Grace Martin
Stephen McClanahan
Maha Momtaz
Rachel Nolan
Stella Pallasch
Robert Roets
Nadia Cloud Shiblie
Tom Straus
Jamie Vuong
Leah Wolfson

Spring 2024 Artists

Pierre Yves Clouin – Hole
Xingrong Qiao – 25 things that’re hard for me
Neil Ira Needleman – Postcard from Acadia
Jack Catling – Through the Window
Andrew Payne – Light under a bridge
Yossi Galanti – There are no saints in this story
David Anthony Sant – Between here and there
Sara Ko – Anomaly Reverie
Lol Sargent – Peter, Shirley and Louis
Zsolt Gyenes – Tiled Wall
Jocelyn R.C. – Branch Blend (2022)
Michael Ipsen – Nature’s Organ of Anticipation