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March Artists (Darryl Rogers, Sean Capone, Shuvashis Das)


Takayna Hypostasis #2 –  Darryl Rogers (Tasmania, Australia)

Recorded in the depths of Tasmania’s Tarkine Rainforest (Takayna – indigenous name) this video work is an exploration of a deep sense of underlying oneness that is often felt when we encounter isolated places of natural sublime beauty. Neoplatonist’s argue that beneath the surface phenomena that present themselves to our senses are three higher spiritual principles or hypostases, each one more sublime than the preceding. Hypostasis therefore is the underlying state or underlying substance and is the fundamental reality that supports all else.

The  meta-personal experience of being in and at one with nature is said to conceptually provide a growing spiritual sensibility and existential meaningfulness. Darryl Rogers is a new media artist who works with video, installation, augmented reality and virtual imagery. Rogers endeavours to alter the constituent variables of space and time attempting to poke holes in the seemingly impervious materiality of the world around us. On encountering one of his time-based installations there is an immediate sense of disorientation, realizing that what is being observed seems to counter the familiar physics by which the world is known. It is this physical “non-reality” that Rogers explores conjuring characteristics of illusion, miracle, quantum mischief and the metaphysical.

Seeds – Shuvashis Das (College Station,Texas,USA)

Seeds is an audiovisual installation piece that replicates a growth system for ‘seed’ like creatures via interaction with the viewer. The interaction process alters the motion of the seeds and adds to their number until a threshold number is reached after which the number of seeds start to reduce. The idea with Seeds is to create a beautiful and visually attractive atmosphere where the viewer and the system are intertwined with each other by blending the notion of ‘to control’ and ‘to be controlled’.

Shuvashis Das is a multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in Bangladesh where art is a diverse tapestry of rich, colorful pieces that reflect the vibrant culture. At an early age, he had developed an attraction to technological advancement. After graduating from high school in Bangladesh, he came to the United States of America and was admitted to the prestigious Texas A&M University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2013, and began pursuing an MFA degree in the Department of Visualization. His artwork focuses on generative techniques, sound art and programming based physical installations.

Swell Patterns – Sean Capone (Baltimore, MD, USA)

For the digital animation Swell Patterns, the boundaries of this unique screen act as a container and generator for intersecting systems of algorithmic patterns. Rendered as an ever-evolving 3D contour map, the sculptural textures evoke shifting visual scales: the turbulent flow of tidal forces, cyclical landscape formations and erosions, and fibrous networks of bodily tissues and capillaries

Sean Capone is a visual artist working primarily in digital animation, projection installation, and media art. His interest in “the intersection of moving image and the built environment” has led him to develop a diverse body of work across multiple fields, including public art commissions, artist residencies,  gallery & museum exhibitions, film & video festivals, and event & stage scenography.Sean received his MFA in Time Arts/Art & Tech from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

February Artists (Kalpana Subramanian, Michael Hall, Jon Chambers)


Empyrean – Kalpana Subramanian (Buffalo, NY)

Empyrean is an abstract, meditative film that explores and celebrates the magical quality of cinematic light. This work revisits Brakhage, by studying his films as a source of light in themselves. Shot entirely on an i-phone the imagery is composed of layered images of dancing light on a projection window, captured during screening of various Brakhage’s 16mm film prints. In terms of process I was literally ‘filming’ at the altar of celluloid cinema, (kneeling at the projection booth window, i-phone in hand) intercepting the light from the projector refracting through the glass before it hit the screen. Light mediated is therefore an apt way to describe this intervention. It is also a personal comment/creative interpretation on Brakhagian aesthetics.

Kalpana Subramanian is an artist, filmmaker and researcher, currently pursuing a practice-based Ph.D. at the Department of Media, State University of New York at Buffalo. Her research explores transcultural frameworks of enquiry into the aesthetics of the moving image. Subramanian is also a children’s book author and a western classical vocalist.

Confluence (All the Nations of the Earth)– Michael Hall (Berkeley, CA)

The video depicts a paced compositing of the flags of 241 nations on the Earth joining to create one polychromatic, amalgamated flag, simultaneously representing all nations. In an age of increased isolationism, fanaticism and reactive nationalism, the abstracted design, as well as shared and opposing graphic elements of the flags, confuse and distort any simplistic national ensign and understanding. This project is targeted at blurring the boundaries of nationalism to expose the complexities of immigration and globalism and proposes a global emblem of our shared, planetary existence.

Michael Hall is an artist and educator whose work is concerned with finding empathy and complexity in situations that are often polarized and oversimplified. As an artist whose perspective was effected by his family’s military upbringing, he looks to add a more nuanced approach to necessarily critical but discordant conversations. Through painting, video and participatory works he addresses these dynamics within a larger, multifaceted cultural context: one of complicated family webs and communities, structural pedagogy, systematized aesthetics, quotidian nationalism, and the tenuous space between control and protection.

Hall received his BFA from the California College of the Arts and his MFA from Mills College. He currently lives and works in Berkeley, California. He is an Assistant Professor of Art at California State University, East Bay.

Symbiosis- Jon Chambers (Chicago,Il)

In Symbiosis, 3D scans of my body are rendered beyond their physical possibilities in surreal and nonrepresentational landscapes and spaces using data centers and nebulae as textures and shaders. Formal and perceptual relationships start to develop as we reflect on our own body’s control while interfacing and becoming enmeshed with digital realities: bodies as data are fluid, mutable, influenced and infinite. The video culminates into abstractness, where the parts become vague references of themselves and are integrated in the space.

Jon Chambers is an artist and educator based in Chicago, where he teaches media literacy, media art histories, net art, new media art (software + hardware) and video.  His work responds to experiences of saturation, obsessions and often humorous contradictions that emerge from our relationships with technology, virtuality and remoteness. He’s particularly interested in how we negotiate the duality of our digital and physical bodies within networked systems of consumerism, identity and future histories. Endearing and uncanny feelings in the work urge us to consider the streamlined technological interfaces (both hardware and software) we encounter everyday and where those interactions start to break down.

November Artists (Balam Soto, Ally Christmas, Angela Ferraiolo)


When The Body Is Present / When The Body Is Not Present- Ally Christmas (Athens, GA)

The antiseptic relationship our culture has with the dead creates the need to distort reality by disguising death’s pallor, involving a ritualistic process of pumping the body full of chemicals and transforming it into an imitation of its former self. Without a living agency, the body becomes a hollow vessel; ready for expelling, filling, and masking. By purposefully creating a fiction of repose, the mortician lures the viewer’s mind away from our finite mortality and toward something more easily digestible, though less tangible.

Ally Christmas (b. 1991 in Northern VA) is a visual artist currently living and working out of Athens, GA. After earning her BA in Photography from the University of Virginia in 2013, Christmas went on to stay at the school for another year as a recipient of the 5th Year Aunspaugh Fellowship. She is an active member of the Society for Photographic Education, from whom she received a Graduate Student Award in 2016 to attend their national conference. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Georgia in Photo/Video, and she has taught a number of courses at the college level – including Contemporary Video, Intro to Photo & Image Culture, and Art Criticism.


The Knife Cuts Two Ways – Angela Ferraiolo (New York)

The Knife Cuts Two Ways (2017) continues my interests in generative and
systems art. It was abstracted from the pop styles of comic books, music
festivals, and Otaku culture, but also inspired by Korean scroll
painting, flocking algorithms, modular installation, and the city of
Hong Kong. Bright colors, continual motion, and repeating patterns are
meant to engage viewers both up close and from a distance. Nearby,
Knife is full of small surprises, and tries to reward the attentive
viewer with small, continual variation. From a distance, Knife is meant
to feel like a huge, abstract comic book.

Angela Ferraiolo is a visual artist working with systems, noise,
randomness, and generative processes. Her work has been screened
internationally including SIGGRAPH, ISEA (Vancouver, Hong Kong), the New
York Film Festival, Courtisane, the Australian Experimental Film
Festival (Melbourne), and the International Conference of Generative Art
(Rome, Venice). New projects include further experiments in urban
screen, generative art, and ambient media.


Impossible Creature of a Digital Spirituality – Balam Soto (Hartford, CT)

Balam Soto creates contemporary, exploratory artworks that fuse low tech with high tech, including interactive art installations, public artworks, and video.  Balam works independently on the artistic and technical sides of his pieces, incorporating technologies, including custom software and electronics.


October Artists (Michael Lasater, Ash Coates, Wenhua Shi)


Mycolinguistics – Ash Coates (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

The languages and symbiotic relationships of plants, fungi and bacteria cultures, give rise to transformations of microorganisms, energy fluctuations, transmigration of cells and the distribution of nutrients within the environment and our bodies. It is these processes that influence and form the shapes, composition and psychedelic tones within my work. The paintings are a process of ritual and meditation on things both massive and microscopic, magic and scientific, internal and external.
Within my animations, the digital and handmade worlds of image making meet in a collision of pixels, molecules and cosmic energy to create a dialog regarding identity, our place within our environment and the impact of a technologically developing world on the way we interact and communicate within the environment. You stand as a voyeur overseeing the processes of the life and death of cells and the language of plants taking on visual forms. The unseen becomes visible and it allows time for contemplation on what it means to be a part of this complex and symbiotic network of cells and microorganisms.

Ready, Set – Michael Lasater (Indiana, USA)
Ready, Set started with a snapshot, taken by my mother sometime in the 60s, of my uncle and father standing in a parking lot at the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, Kansas. Their poses—my uncle stiff-armed, my father a bit more relaxed, hand in pocket—called to mind David Hockney’s subjects in American Collectors, and for that reason I remembered it and eventually took it up as a motif for composition. The piece is entirely self-referential and somewhat formalistic, a time-object referencing cubism and counterpoint, in the direction of Keith Haring.

Walking Cycle – Wenhua Shi (Massachusetts, USA)
Walking Cycle is an abstract audiovisual piece that celebrates the line, its quality, and its movements. This piece is a tribute to early abstract animation masters Len Lye and Hans Richter.
Wenhua Shi is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at UMass Boston. Originally trained as a doctor in China, Wenhua departed from the medical field and began working in radio and TV in his hometown of Wuhan. In 2009 he graduated with an MFA from Art Practice at the University of California at Berkeley. Wenhua Shi pursues a poetic approach to moving image making, and investigates conceptual depth in film, video, interactive installations and sound sculptures.

SEPTEMBER ARTISTS (Ellen Mueller, Aurèle Ferrier, Dawn Nye and Katrazyna RANDALL)


Planning a Starter Castle – Ellen Mueller (Massachusetts, USA)
This animation is a part of a larger body of work examining McMansions, the large ostentatious modern houses that are cheaply built and are often considered lacking in architectural integrity. There are stereotypical markers of affluence that regularly appear in home decor magazines: house plants, novel fixtures, statuary symbols of wealth (pineapples, lions, gargoyles), the latest trending furniture, and so on. These animations, created with Processing, emphasize the repetition and sameness that occurs in much of this advertising material.

Ellen Mueller has exhibited nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist exploring issues related to the environment, hyperactive news media and corporate management systems. She creates experiences that engage with social and political issues through a variety of media.

Recent exhibitions include Americana at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis MN, Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe NM, and Direct Object/Direct Action at Threewalls, Chicago IL. Artist residencies include Ucross Foundation, Santa Fe Art InstituteNes Artist Residency in Iceland, Virginia Center for Creative Art where she was a Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Creative Fellow, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the ArtsOx-Bow, Coast TimeSignal CulturePlaya Fellowship Artist Residency, and Künstlerhaus Lukas (full scholarship, Germany, May 2017).

Transitions  –  Aurèle Ferrier (Zurich, Switzerland)
The work Transitions (2017) by Aurèle Ferrier examines the traces left by human civilisation -the conquest of the unwelcoming hostility of the desert ends in the surreal and hedonistic consumerism of Las Vegas. The camera leads us, with a menacing langour, through a backdrop of deserted city-outskirts. The buildings, cars and billboards speak of people’s dreams as they strive for a version happiness. The prevailingly eerie, apocalyptic mood draws you along on this filmic journey. These traces of humanity seem increasingly laughable and helpless, they vibrate with a peculiar melancholy. Where have the people disappeared to?

Aurèle Ferrier (*1975 in St.Gallen, CH) lives in Zurich. With his video and cinematic works, actions and interventions he explores the limits and connections between nature and civilization. „His video works display a calm contemplation and visual precision” (Alexandra Blättler, curator). He has exhibited on all the continents and won prizes, i.a. the Grand Jury Award for Experimental Short at the Slamdance Film Festival. He attained a BA in Theatre and an MA in Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts.

Maintenance – Katrazyna Randall and Dawn Nye  (Maine, USA)
This video is a loop designed for the Media Wall at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg VA. This piece shows a mysterious being maintaining a portal between two words. The piece moves slowly, and is meant to be noticed in snippets that form a whole, rather than watched from beginning to end.

Katrazyna Randall and Dawn Nye have been working collaboratively since 2001. They have screened their video and animation all over the United States as well as internationally. Ms. Randall is a combined media artist who uses traditional media as well as new media to explore subjects related to commodification and our relationship with nature. Ms. Nye has worked as a graphic designer, but has maintained a studio art practice for the last 20 years. In her work, she is most concerned with telling stories of conflicting human desires, best intentions, beauty and futility.





Dust_atCam – Tina Willgren (Stockholm, Sweden)

Tina Willgren is a visual artist working primarily with video. She lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, where she received her MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in 2005. In her videos and installations, she explores the mind and body in relation to the contemporary world.

Recent exhibitions and festivals include “Jingled”, Art Center Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland (solo), “Blaue Stunde VII”, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, Germany and “Athens Digital Arts Festival”, Athens, Greece.

I based the video imagery of Dust_atCam on a library of visual effects, normally used for adding explosions, smoke, water splashes, dust and blood to action movies. I find it interesting that these special effects often contribute to mere superficial spectacles, but that they simultaneously represent some of the elementary forces of the evolution on the planet.. When working with the video I associated to a speeded up version of the history of the globe; to the big bang, earthquakes and wars, and explored how different speeds, movements and material qualities might affect the mind.

Pink and Blue Compositions – Simon Falk (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“Pink and Blue Compositions” is a reaction to the presence of social media networks; the desire to be stimulated, rapidly shrinking attention spans, infinite feeds of content and advertising. Computer-generated bubbles, floating iridescent cloth, spinning palm trees, pulsating blobs and other abstract forms are linked together by a pastel pink and blue palette.

Simon Falk is a Toronto based artist who uses both physical and digital media to examine niche visual cultures, digital dualism and abstraction. He holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University.

Healers – Selden Paterson (Chicago, IL)

Healers is a series of short videos created as a part of the larger project Integrative Ontological Practices by Beta Plus Sy stems (IOP B+) . IOP B+ is the leading self-help & healing system for modern cyborgs, using the principle of Tertiary Natural Consciousness to help humans achieve a wholer mind and self through healing audio-visual prescriptions. To learn more visit

Selden Paterson is a Chicago-based artist whose work addresses humans’ evolving relationship with technology and with our environments, created and otherwise. She is driven by curiosity about the way humans organize and experience ourselves in physical, digital, and in-between spaces. Ongoing endeavors include Beta Plus Inc., Selden’s lifestyle improvement products company; The City at Newcomb Crater, her all-amenities included colony on the moon; and IOPB+, her self-help & healing system for modern cyborgs.

March Artists (John C. Kelley, McLean Fahnestock, Russell Sheaffer )


On Surgery– Russell Sheaffer (San Diego, California)

ON SURGERY is an attempt to replicate the physical process of bone surgery on the body of 16mm film stock. By wetting raw, unprocessed 16mm color negative film and then separating out the photosensitive emulsion from the base of the film using a medical scalpel and then reapplying the layers, the only images visible are representative of the scars left on the film. The music for ON SURGERY is taken entirely from the sound of the projection of the 16mm film and from a reading of one of Sheaffer’s post-surgical diary entries. ON SURGERY is a part of a series of collaborative works that explore the intersections of trauma, memory, and abstraction.

Russell Sheaffer is an experimental and documentary media maker and educator who received a Master’s Degree from NYU’s Department of Cinema Studies and is currently working on his Ph.D. in the Department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University.  Most recently, his 60-screen, site-specific work “it’s so easy (the mechanism of power)” ran the length of the Atlanta Film Festival, blending moving image media, interactive technology, and live performance.  In 2014, his short experimental documentary “Acetate Diary” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was named one of the “12 best shorts” of Tribeca by Film School Rejects.  In addition to his own experimental work, he produces documentary, fiction, and experimental works, including Josephine Decker’s “Thou Wast Mild and Lovely,” which premiered in Forum at Berlinale in 2014, and Daniel Laab’s forthcoming “Jules of Light and Dark.” He is one of the founders of The Magnifying Glass, a granting partnership between six film festivals and institutions that provides micro-grants to short works investigating social injustice.

In the Duplex Across the Street– John C. Kelley (Knoxville, Tennessee)

JOHN C KELLEY is a media artist and musician living in Knoxville, TN. His video work has screened internationally at institutions and festivals including AntiMatter [Media Art] (Victoria, BC, Canada), the Tasmanian International Video Art Festival (Launceton, Australia), the Concordia (Enschede, Netherlands), Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland), the SIMULTAN Festival (Timisoara, Romania), The Mid-America Arts Alliance (Kansas City, MO), The Arizona International Film Festival (Tucson, AZ), The Front (New Orleans, LA) and many others. Kelley has written original music for award-winning feature-length narrative and documentary films through Gray Picture in St. Louis, MO, released music as a solo artist through King Electric Records in Austin, TX, and has appeared on more than 25 recordings and albums. He is an Assistant Professor of 4D and Time-Based Art in the School of Art at the University of Tennessee.

Stratagem 7– McLean Fahnestock (Sango, Tennessee)

In this video the sky and the sea mirror, shift, and merge. It is this way with all of the works in the Stratagem series. They examine dual natures, the polarity that exists in us and exists in the world. A stratagem is also a fiction — a carefully crafted lie, a strategically disorienting deception. In the series this manifests in the mirroring of the ocean at the horizon. We can accept the placement as sky but know the truth is not that simple.

McLean Fahnestock is a media artist who works in video, sound, sculpture, and digital collage. McLean reclaims material from institutions, seeking out footage, images, and items that intimate place and carry the trappings of exploration. McLean received a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University and MFA from California State University Long Beach. Her work has been exhibited and screened across the United States and Internationally at institutions such as the Black Mountain College Re{Happening}, North Carolina, Technisches Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria, The California Science Museum, Los Angeles, The British Library, London, and MOCA Hiroshima, Japan. Her work was included in a DVD compilation of short videos by the LA Film Forum. She was a finalist for a 2012 Vimeo Video Award and was named “Most Promising New Artist” at MADATAC 5, in Madrid, Spain. McLean is an Assistant Professor of Art at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. She keeps a studio in Old Hickory, TN.

February Artists (Dan Browne, Jason Bernagozzi, Stephen Nachtigall )


Cathedral/Grid024- Dan Browne  (Toronto, Canada)

Cathedral | 2015 | 20 minutes | 4K

Cathedral considers the relationship of the screen to earlier forms of mediated light, such as stained glass, an art form designed for quiet contemplation. Through a merger of organic and digital forms, this work seeks to generate a similarly contemplative oasis via a refracted metamorphosis of the Douglas Firs of Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park.

Grid024 | 2015 | 13 minutes | HD

Grid024 is part of a series of ongoing video paintings that are each recorded in a single, improvised take in real time using live image mixing software. Pre-existing material is remapped through transformations of density, movement, scale and rotation, generating complex shapes and patterns over time.

Dan Browne (b. 1982) is a filmmaker, photographer and multimedia artist whose works explore patterns, nature, and sensory perception through dense and kinetic forms. Dan’s films and videos have been presented at over one hundred venues worldwide, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Oberhausen, BFI London, Centre Georges Pompidou, Images Festival, Festival du nouveau cinéma, and TIFF Cinematheque. His practice as a media artist unfolds within a variety of contexts and forms, including installation, with current video commissions in public spaces in Toronto and Vancouver, and live video performances at festivals and events, including MUTEK and Vector Festival. For more information please visit

Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference- Jason Bernagozzi  (Owego, NY)

Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference is  was produced during an artist residency in Malaysia. The work is a meditation on the complex relationships between ritual and public space at the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In a space shared by both devout hindus and tourists, the frame difference processing allows the viewer to focus on action and change within the recording. Electronic insights of body vernacular happening in mediated time.

Jason Bernagozzi is a video, sound and new media artist living and working in upstate New York and is the co-founder of the experimental media arts non-profit Signal Culture. His work has been featured nationally and internationally at venues such as the European Media Arts Festival in Osnabruk, Germany, the LOOP Video Art Festival in Barcelona, Spain, the Beyond/In Western NY Biennial in Buffalo, NY, and the Yan Gerber International Arts Festival in Hebei Province, China. His work has received several awards including grants from the New York State Council for the Arts, free103point9 and the ARTS Council for the Southern Finger Lakes.

Sway- Stephen Nachtigall  (Eugene, Oregon)

With an interdisciplinary approach to art making; from video, sculpture, to 2D work and installation, Stephen Nachtigall’s practice explores intersections of ecology, technology and culture from a perspective planted in mimesis, transparency and simulation. Born in 1986 in Calgary, Canada, he received a BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2011, and an MFA from the University of Oregon in 2016. Nachtigall has exhibited internationally in solo and group shows in Germany, Scotland and across the United States and Canada. He currently lives and works in Eugene, Oregon.

Plants are rooted in the ground, their position relatively fixed. They are headless, receiving their nourishment both from below and above, along the whole expanse of their corpus while also releasing oxygen and providing nourishment in turn. The posture of a plant connects to what lies below, and stretches out above and surrounding itself to connect the various elements that make up its ecological environment. As such, perhaps plants can be seen as a kind of avatar for an expanded notion of consciousness and relationship to the environment. If plants were to demonstrate sentience through technological mediation in much the same way that humanity has embraced it, what might that look like? Sway presents a plant image, mediated and affected by simulated forces that allow it to move and twist its body as if by its own accord. The plant dances across the screen as if striving towards an embodiment of nonhuman expression, and an expanded terrain of coexistence.



January Artists (Matthew Keff, Devis Venturelli, Peter Christenson)


Dancing Columns- Devis Venturelli  (Milan, Italy)
Dancing Columns is a floating museum, a virtual hypercollection of vases from the digital archive of Italian Ceramic’s Museums, including: the Renaissance majolicas and the Italian Postwar design by Guido Andlovitz, Giò Ponti, Antonia Campi, Ettore Sottsass, Piero Fornasetti, the  pre-Columbian vases’ collection and the classical-archaeological ceramic; the regional-Italian handicraft and the European manufacture of porcelain; the Twentieth Century’s art ceramic and the contemporary sculpture-vases. The column as architectural element is an endless obsession.  A melting pot,  literally containing every age and every style, generates the hypnotic landscape of an unconscious dance.
Devis Venturelli is an architect and transdisciplinary artist based in Milan, Italy.

Idealized Circulation Cells- Peter Christenson  (Pullman, Washington)
A list of things I might think about while viewing the video Idealized Circulation Cells:

+ Does the universe always follow patterns? Woot woot algorithms?!
+ If clouds were giraffes, could we climb up their elongated necks into the troposphere?
+ Everything is data. Like, whoa.
+ Does ideal mean perfect?
+ Atmospheric circulation patterns, duh.
+ Why does Aristotle get credit as “founder” of everything?
+ Magnified aerosol particles are spherical.
+ Nephology—like coition with dead clouds?

Peter Christenson is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and educator originally from metro Detroit. He is co-founder of Left of Centre, a guerrilla-marketing firm and interventionist artist collective, and he has lectured, exhibited, and screened his work across the United States and internationally. He is an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University.

Pie in the Sky- Matthew Keff  (New York, New York)
Pie in the Sky is a software driven visual using video game mechanics to express thoughts on fantasy and feelings.  Created with the Unity3D game engine, simulated physics and effects are perpetual and never ending.  Various digital objects are placed into the scene at random and flung about in space.
Matthew Keff is a visual artist currently living and working in NYC.  He received a BFA at the School of Visual Arts with a focus on experimental cinema in 2007.  His recent work has been featured on RNE Radio 3 and Noisey MX and as part of gallery exhibitions at the CICA Museum KR, Matchbox Gallery Houston TX, Diorama Mexico City MX, Amos Eno Gallery, Elements Festival, Keroxen Festival, and The Hollows Art Space in Brooklyn.


December Artists (Alejandro Parra, Sthef Folgar, Jessica Giacobbe, Anders S. Solberg)


At Odds- Alejandro Parra (Los Angeles, CA)
At Odds is an architectural scale video installation that runs continuously with no sound. The image is an aerial view of beach waves crashing–containing qualities of isolation as well as a relentless vitality. Seducing the viewer to transcend time and the reality of landscape, the work can be interpreted as an event that straddles a past world, our current shorelines, or perhaps a fading future terrain.

Alejandro Parra is a media artist from Los Angeles whose work contemplates ideas of time, landscape, and experience to meet at a point of art and philosophy. He holds a B.A. in Visual Arts Media from UC San Diego.

Natural Paradox – Sthef Folgar (Madrid, Spain)
Although the incessant lights are a constant reminder of the formidable presence of the city, the eerie nocturnal silence allows a brief insight into the uncanny and limitless dimension of nature. I attempt to enter into those feeling of vertigo that separates the unknown from the known, and explore this union between the domesticated and the wild where emerges a new territory that refers to, but is not.

Sthef Folgar is a Uruguayan photographer and filmmaker, currently based in Madrid, Spain. Master’s degree in Contemporary Photography from EFTI International School, and recently awarded with a grant to attend a Master of Arts. She has worked as freelance on different photography projects, developed personal experimental films and collaborate with different visual art installations. In March 2016 has co-founded otrocolectivo, an interdisciplinary art collective focused on the development of visual projects.

Catalysts and Aftershocks – Jessica Giacobbe (Brooklyn, NY)
When you’re young everything feels surreal, every place is exciting, and every place contains a story.  These seemingly unscripted moments of my life are the ones that have persistently made their way to the foggy tank I call my memory.  This short is a collection of memory induced explorations of places I once knew.  My interest was not just in the memories themselves but the spacesin which they were born. The approach in these exercises were completely instinctual, tactile, honest, and improvisational (a similar process in all my work).  Through using this unbiased approach, I realized these places were no longer weighted with nostalgia.  They had suddenly been reinvented to contain potential for new and catalytic discoveries.  Catalysts and Aftershocks depicts both a fictional and non fictional representation of my re-encounters with these childhood sanctuaries as an “adult.”

The place I call home has shaped me and continues to resonate with me in the present. Growing up on a dirt road, never wearing shoes in summer, spending time with horses, and knowing nature are aspects I aesthetically utilize.  The importance of tactile experiences is something I can never stray away from.

Leucosis- Anders S. Solberg (Trondheim / Sør-Trøndelag, Norway)
Digital video work, abstract, immersive, can be viewed as fluid or liquid paintings experienced through time. Depicting the metaphorical transformation of silver into gold, enlightenment, the ascension from earthly, crude matter, into a higher, divine state.

Anders Solberg (b. 1984, Trondheim, Norway) is educated as a photographer at the Norwegian School of Photography and currently a student at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU.